SKU: ECO203038D-OB
Dimensions: 40"H x 38"D
Weight: ~100lbs
IDEAL for any floor plan with minimal space. The Eco-203038D-OB Fixture showcases a 20 or 30 bin assortment. It’s small 38D″ foot print allows it to fit just about anywhere. The 360 degree design promotes product from every angle. Remove the four base panels to reveal open shelving for packaged products! Or use the customizable panels for easy product storage. Open bin design for individually wrapped products. (for closed bulk bins see SKU: ECO2038D-CB)

BOLD look…small footprint


  • Candy, Toy, & Gift Stores

  • Resorts

  • Redemptions

  • Convenience Stores

  • Sports Arenas

  • Bowling Facilities


  • 20 or 30 x FD polycarbonate open face bulk bins

  • 10 bins on top, 10 or 20 on bottom

  • 4 x removable panels reveal merchandise shelves!

  • Includes bulk bag holders

  • Large locking castors

  • Large storage area below

  • Easy to merchandise

  • Easy to shop

  • Strong visual impact

  • Optional Custom Graphics

  • Optional Lollipop Crown

*SKU: ECO203038D-OB


Marvin Custom Fixtures come with an optional Sterilcoat anti-microbial powder coating that prevents the spread of micro-organisms and suppress the growth of mold and bacteria.