3x Flavour Pucker Powder®


3x Flavour Pucker Powder®

3x1 Unit SKU: 3X1PTH (12"W x 10"D x 24"H)
3x2 Unit SKU: 3X2PTH (24"W x 10"D x 24"H)
3x3 Unit SKU: 3X3PTH (36"W x 10"D x 24"H)
Create your own candy art with this fun and interactive system! Specifically designed for locations with limited floors place. This unit can be mounted on walls or shelves. It's modular design is easily expandable. Grow your display 3 flavours at a time! Also available with french labelling. Uses Pucker Powder® Bottles only.

Our most flexible dispenser yet.
Designed to fit locations with limited floor space


  • Convenience Stores

  • Small Candy Stores

  • Kiosks

  • Candy Carts

  • Redemption Centres

  • Small Locations


  • Expandable in multiples of 3 flavours

  • Fits existing Slat-wall, Pegboard & Gondola Shelving

  • Easy replacement of candy

  • Lightweight durable steel construction

  • All 3x kits include tube holders

  • Hanging Easy Bracket included

  • Standard Blue graphics included

  • Compatible with many Marvin Fixtures




Protected by U.S Patents #D476, 855 – #D581, 218 – #8, 042, 581. Other patents pending. Pucker Powder® and the, “Pucker” character are registered trademarks of Sandblast by Creative Concepts, Inc. Marvin Candy & Displays is the exclusive distributor for Creative Concepts, Inc products in Canada.

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Using a 12 Flavour Pucker Powder®

Using a 14 Flavour Pucker Powder®


Did you know?

The world's tallest Pucker Powder Unit stands right here in Canada?! The CN-TOWER 14 Flavour Pucker Powder Unit was built in 2012. It measures an astonishing ~156" (~13ft). That's almost double the height of a standard 14 Flavour Unit!

Over 15 yrs & counting!

zanygrainyIn 1999, the first Candy Art Dispensing System was introduced by Creative Concepts. It was originally named "Zany Grainy" (now Pucker Powder®.